BDE (Beginner  Driver Education)

Ontario's Beginner Driver Education program is designed to teachnovice drivers good driving habits and keep our roads safe. Since 2005, the McGuinty government has made a number of improvements to support this program, including: Regulating all schools offering Beginner Driver Education courses.

Beginner Driver Education Course
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You will get 20 hours of Online Learning

4 Month Reduction to Obtain your G2 Road Test Faster

Get 10 hours of in car private lessons.

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Pick up and drop off Services Included.

We will provide a vehicle for In-Car lesson.

Couple in Car

BDE Course overview

This online course involves independent and interactive ways to help you learn the content. Below is a list of some of the components you will be doing in this course:​

Reading content and making notes


Reading the content and making your own notes

Completeing a series of activities


Completing a series of activities

Online Homework Assignments


Completing homework assignments

Quizzes and Tests


Completing quizzes and tests

Watching Videos and Answering Questions


Watching videos and answering questions about them

This course follows MTO regulations. Students must achieve a 70% overall in the course to qualify for a certificate of completion. As a part of this course, there will be 10 hours of homework assigned in various modules. This work must be completed to pass the course! You will see the homework course in your navigation bar on the right. As you complete topics and modules in the main course, you will unlock the associated homework.

Following completion of the online course, you will complete 10 hours of in-car driving with your instructor. In some cases, you might be able to drive in-car while you complete this course! Contact your school for more information!

BED Course Quote Section


"We want our novice drivers to learn the skills they need to stay safe on the road. With these new Beginner Driver Education Program standards, we are making sure our novice drivers get the best start possible."

- Jim Bradley
Minister of Transportation

"Making sure Ontario's novice drivers benefit from quality driver training is important - not only for their own safety, but for the safety of everyone on the road."

- Robert Tremblay
Insurance Bureau of Canada and chaired the Beginner Driver Education Standards Development Advisory Committee

"The focus on safety - especially those skills and attitudes young drivers need to reduce their collision risk in today's driving environment - is really what makes Ontario's program stand out."

- Brian Patterson
President, Ontario Safety League