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Learning to drive is a huge step in your child’s life – and can be a very dangerous one! Capital Auto Driving School can help prepare your children for their driver’s licence and the responsibility of being a safe driver. Learning to drive involves skill, knowledge and habits that need to be carefully formed; together we can create a safer experience for your new driver.

Benefit of our courses 

The certification that they will receive if they successfully complete all areas of the course will make them eligible for maximum insurance discounts. These discounts are based on your insurance company and we have no knowledge of what they may be. The documentation that you will need to prove the completion of our course is a DRIVER LICENCE HISTORY REPORT. You can obtain this from any Service Ontario location; the cost for this is $12.00. As of 2008 the Ministry of Transportation no longer allows us to issue Certificates.
Should you have any further questions or concerns you can contact us at anytime and we would be happy to help!

Driving Lessons for Beginners
Learning process of Capital Auto Driving School

Learning process

You have a lot to learn about how to react to the ever-changing risks you face on the highway as a new driver. This academy aims to provide you with the information and skills required to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely any time you get behind the wheel. The 10 hours of in-vehicle training will follow the 20 hours of ONLINE instruction.

The following topics will be covered during in-vehicle lessons:

Avoiding collision and Management of Risk

Protective Driving

Distraction in Driving

The Attitudes of Drivers and Management of Time

Parallel and Reverse Parking Schemes

Driving in Unfavourable Conditions

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