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How to avoid accident

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

To keep you safe on the road, driving instructors always teach things that you need to follow to stay safe while on the road. Nevertheless, beginners, as well as intermediate and sometimes even advanced drivers, come face to face with accidents that are common but can be life-threatening.

Ways on How to Prevent Car Accidents to Stay Safe?

Here, we will discuss some of the common accidents and what the instructors of driving schools in the suburbs of Melbourne teach the learners about avoiding them.

The instructors in the Capital driving school will always teach you to maintain the right amount of space between your vehicle and the one at your back.

Generally, a three-second stopping distance will be fine if you want to avoid collision with the car on your back, which is a common accident but can be deadly at higher speeds. Also, when and if the condition is poor, try to leave more space.

Though common, this can lead to a car rollover and can be deadly. So, driving instructors recommend their students check the side and rear-view mirrors while driving. However, apart from checking the mirrors, you can look left or right if you want to get a better view of the cars that are on your side and you think is approaching at a high speed.

Head to head collision is another most common car accident. So, methods of its prevention are discussed in detail in all of the driving lessons at capital auto driving school.

Do not change lanes abruptly and use dippers to alert the driver coming from the opposite direction.

Tyre skids and sliding occur when the road is slippery. You might experience this when it’s raining or the road is filled with snow. This is also called hydroplaning. However, if the skidding is too intense, you can lose control of your vehicle and hit another car or the side rails.

To avoid this, you will need to drive slow but speed up in the area that has no water or snow to gain traction.

Parking your car in the wrong area or at an inappropriate position can lead to another vehicle colliding with your car. So, according to the driving Instructor in Capital Ottawa driving school, practising the parking and being attentive are the two things that you need to follow to avoid this type of accident. Also, mastering parking will help you to pass the driving licence test easily.

Any type of accident can be caused if you are driving at a higher speed. But all of them can be avoided if you keep within the speed limit. For this reason, instructors always remind you to drive slowly and keep a track of the speed in the speedometer.

Following these points will help you to prevent most of the common road accidents according to the experts. So, follow these, stay safe and happy driving.

  1. Collisions from the Rear End

  2. Collisions from the Side

  3. Frontal Collision

  4. Skidding and Sliding

  5. Car Damage When the Vehicle is Parked

  6. Speeding


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