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Why Choose Capital Auto Driving School?

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

We don't only train first-time students how to drive to get their driver's licence? But also, professional drivers who want to brush up on their abilities can also benefit from our classes.

Why Choose Capital Auto Driving School, Ottawa?
Capital Instructor car at the stop sign in Ottawa

Our vehicles are held to the greatest standards of safety, comfort, cleanliness, and

dependability for each and every driver. Their compact and robust design allows for easy mobility while learning how to drive. You will drive a luxurious car with an air-conditioned vehicle that is as secure as possible.

At the Capital Auto Driving School, every student will be given one-on-one guidance from

one of our professionally trained driving instructors. You will anticipate immediate results in a loving and supportive environment.

  • We are the #1 Best Driving School and most reputable in Ottawa, CA

  • You will get your G2 4 months prior.

  • Early G2 Road Test with your vehicle if BDE course is taken with our school

  • Providing personalized in car private lessons

  • Instructors who are certified, properly trained, and have many years of professional experience.

  • Driver's Licence History, which itself is widely accepted by the insurance sector, will

  • serve as a proof of successful completion of this course upon graduating from Capital Auto Driving School.

  • Graduates with an authorized driver's licence background also qualify for a rebate on their insurance.

We have a certified driving course that offers:

  1. Air Bag safety vehicles

  2. Collision and rage Free drives

  3. How to control while car skidding?

  4. ABS Emergency Braking

  5. Rear crash and collision avoidance

Certified Driving Course
Collision and rage Free drives with Capital Auto Driving School

We distinguish ourselves from several other driving schools by hiring the best of the best trained and experienced driving instructors.

  • Comprehensive driver education lessons, private driving instruction, and G2 road tests are all available.

  • Offering a range of training programs at several venues across Ottawa.

  • We offer efficient, easy-to-use online scheduling for the driving and observational sections of the course.

You can rest confident that you will be in excellent hands because all of the professional driving instructors are licensed by the MTO. We exclusively recruit instructors with substantial driving instruction experience, and we use the latest driver education material designed by Capital Auto Driving School specialists. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us HERE!


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